B.V. NEM has over 115 years of crushing and grinding experience. We crush and grind explosive materials, non-explosive materals, toxic and non-toxic materials. Our sister company Sunrise Industries is an expert in silicon crushing and grinding. We produce under inerted conditions and all our equipment is ATEX-proof. We are able to crush and grind lumps of 400 mm down to small particles, down to 45 micron. Below an overview of materials we are crushing and grinding experts in, but we are not limited to these materials. If you have any questions about our grinding and crushing possibilities, please contact us.

Comparison table

Chromium Metal
Cobalt Oxyde
Electrolytic Manganese
Ferro Boron
Ferro Chromium High Carbon
Ferro Chromium Low Carbon
Ferro Manganese High Carbon

Ferro Molybdeum
Ferro Silicon
Ferro Tungsten
Ferro Vanadium
Ferro Wolfram
Potassium Aluminium Fluoride (PAF)
Kalium Aluminium Fluoride (KALF)
Magnesia Calcined
Magnesia Deadburned
Magnesium Carbonate (Magnesite)
Nickel Oxyde

Silicon Metal 
(for more information:www.sunrise-industries.nl)

Silicon Manganese High Carbon
Silicon Manganese Low Carbon
Zinc Oxide

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