B.V. NEM is a crushing and grinding company, specialised in the crushing and grinding of ores, minerals and ferro-alloys. At our premises in the harbour area of Rotterdam (Vlaardingen) we crush and grind raw materials coming in from all parts of the world. After crushing and grinding, goods are dispatched by truck, train or barge from Rotterdam into Europe, or by ocean freighter to customers overseas. B.V. NEM is operating 13 different processing units in a 24-hours-duty. Processing includes crushing, grinding, screening and sieving by air separation. We apply inertisation for processing materials where explosive risks are involved or where cooling is needed. We can meet client requirements in physical curve accuracies, even in very hard materials (up to 9 mohs). Our core values are "service', "quality", and "know how". Customer needs are key to us and have resulted in long term and firm relationships with both end-users and manufacturers. We take pride in creating custom made solutions for existing and potential clients. We take efforts in continuous learning and training of our staff. Additional to crushing, grinding, screening and sieving, B.V. NEM offers warehouse facilities, support in physical distribution and document handling in the harbour of Rotterdam. Bonded storage can be provided for.

B.V. NEM is specialised in crushing and grinding of ores, minerals and ferro-alloys

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Our long history of grinding (over 110 years), makes us a leading company in the field of mineral milling techniques.
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